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Rosalind Manowitz is the face behind the Rainbow Rosalind wings.

Rosalind is 26 years old and grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand.


She is a loving mother to her 5 year-old son Hueylo and splits her time up between presenting and composing for TVNZ, performing live stage shows & birthday parties, and directing the Rainbow Rosalind Parties Ltd company.

Rosalind grew up in a very musical family, with both her parents being musicians. She

started on the violin at the teeny tiny age of 2 years old! Rosalind went on to study musical theatre abroad, and very quickly found her true passion in writing songs for children. She began using songwriting as a tool to help children understand and believe important messages of self-love, acceptance and individuality. She also uses her music to awaken and inspire the inner-child within adults, which she believes is one of the greatest most powerful things we can do.

Rosalind has been performing as Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy for 4 years, since 2016, which all started when she returned to her hometown with a notebook full of songs she had written over the years. She rang up the local library and set up a small story-pit show in which she would ‘try out’ her songs with kids for the first time ever! After that performance, things really just took off at the speed of a shooting star.

Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy was born, and she began performing for festivals, events, birthday parties, kindies, schools and shows around New Zealand and abroad. Some highlights along the way have been winning the APRA Best Children’s Music Video 2016 award at the New Zealand Children’s Music Awards for her original music video ‘ Aotearoa, Home of our Hearts’ ; the release of her debut album ‘Kia ora’ along with an album launch show and tour; becoming the recipient of the SOUNZ Community Commission award for her hit show ‘ Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’ in 2018, and winning the Warehouse stationery Biz4Biz Award for her company Rainbow Rosalind Parties in 2020.


Rosalind is also a proud member & trustee of Kiwi Kids Music, founded by Suzy Cato, creating beautiful connections between tamariki and NZ Children’s music.


In 2020, Rosalind began her TV career, with the leading role on TVNZ’s Code Fun, in which she plays the role of ‘Rozzie’, along with her robot side-kick ‘Digi’.

As well as being the presenter on Code Fun, she also produces all the music for the show, and introduces kids to a variety of instruments that she plays live.

Rosalind believes in the power of always staying young at heart, and she vows to never truly grow up. “You may not be able to find real magic in this world... But you can always create it!”

Meet my friends!

Nicole Jenkins is the face behind Fairy Blueberry.

Nicole is a recent graduate of the University of Otago, where she studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre and minoring in Dance & Tourism. 

Performing has been a long-time passion of Nicole’s, first sparking her interest when she began performing in tap-dancing competitions as a kid. As well as learning tap dancing for 14 years, Nicole has also enjoyed discovering different styles of dance and now runs her own community-based dance studio in Green Island where she teaches Hip Hop and Dance Jam classes. Nicole loves working with children, and when she’s not busy performing as a fairy, teaching dance classes, or being a part of the Musical Theatre Dunedin shows, she enjoys her time working as a preschool teacher for the University of Otago Childcare Association.


Nicole joined the Rainbow Rosalind team in 2018, when she became Fairy Blueberry. Since then she has performed in shows all over the country, and at Christmas time she transforms  into Fairy Christmas! 

Nicole loves bringing joy to children and encouraging learning through a creative outlet. Performing to children is an absolute thrill for her and she is excited to meet new friends through the celebration of birthday parties! 

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