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Welcome to the magical world of Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy!

As seen on TV, Award-winning Children’s Singer/Songwriter Rainbow Rosalind creates music for kids that sparks the imagination, and has the whole family on their feet and singing along!


Her fun & catchy songs are enjoyed and well-loved in homes all over the world. As well as her starring role in TVNZ’s hit kids show Code Fun, Rainbow Rosalind & the Fairies perform enchanting live stage shows across the country & internationally, at festivals, events, schools, and more.


Rainbow Rosalind is joined by her magical friends to provide the ultimate in Dunedin birthday party entertainment with Rainbow Rosalind Parties!


From pirates to cakes to goody bags, Rainbow Rosalind Parties has got you covered! 


“Have a fly around, check out my latest Spotify releases, sing-along to your favourite RR songs with my groovy karaoke videos, meet all my magical friends, watch out for any upcoming shows in your area, and book your next party or event with just the wave of a wand! (...or the click of a button!)”

Stay magical,

Rainbow Rosalind x